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What is a style guide and why should you have one?

Many organisations and government departments develop a corporate style guide to give employees a simple and efficient guide to achieving a consistent standard of language and presentation in their written work.

A style guide is like a ready-reckoner for writers – a quick and easy go-to guide for effective, professional and polished written communication.

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Style guides generally give writers direction about preferred spelling, abbreviations and contractions, punctuation, capitalisation of words, commonly used words and phrases, presentation, and a host of other tips for effective communication.

For example, do writers in your organisation understand when/how to use:

and a host of other grammar and presentation variables?

A style guide can be tailored to suit your organisation and can be applied to any form of business communication. Style guides can also include tips for visual presentation, logo rules and specifications, and a list of preferred corporate expressions and phrasing.

Best of all, style guides save time – with a style guide on hand, writers can quickly find their organisation’s recommended style, and then move on. At the next step in the process, reviewers can edit written work without being distracted by style errors, inconsistencies and omissions.

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