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We work with your team to write documentation quickly and efficiently. Take advantage of our experience:
  • Plan The truism is that "those who fail to plan, plan to fail" and this is particularly true for technical writing documents
  • Write Keep it as simple as your users need it - we can write from zip or take your skeleton documentation and write it up so that it is fully fleshed out
  • Edit your existing text -our founding partner has over 20 years experience editing government based project and tender documentation
  • Fees: AUD$1100 per day. The average documentation job takes 5 days to write.

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Our writers deliver User Guides faster than you can do it in-house (they've written over 100).
If you do elect to write your own procedures then we can provide you with style guides as well as tailored mentoring and coaching to help your writers deliver the best.
We can also help you update, reformat or rewrite your not so current Word documents.

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