Business Continuity Plans

Business Continuity Plans

Custom-written BCPs with the COVID-19 in mind
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A BCP for Pandemics

Standard BCPs (Business Continuity Plans) provide a strategic approach to dealing with massive disruptions to your business resulting from things like: interruptions to logistics and supply chains, data centre failures, cyber attacks, fires, earthquakes, flooding or even bomb threats. They plan evacuations, failover to an alternate data centre and outline the chain of command. But, what they typically don't do is tell you how to organise and defend your business in the face of the unique disruptive effects of a pandemic.

Business Continuity Plans

The typical BCP will list pandemics as just one row in a table of scenarios, rather than a dedicated Business Continuity response in its own right and as is evident, a pandemic requires its own specific responses. Procedures around hazmat suits, disinfecting the workplace and storing documents offsite are just some of the topics that need to be fleshed out.

Document your plan for handling unprecedented disruptions to your supply chain, key staff relocated offsite and your IT network struggling with the demands of multiple remote logins.

Does your BCP cover off the following?

Your BCP during a time of a pandemic should identify procedures for:

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